Garston & Speke

The pupils and teachers from Gilmour Infant School have been working in collaboration with Garston Historical Society and a host of writers, poets, musicians and animators to create a series of short animations which guide you around the heritage of Garston and neighbouring Speke.

A huge thank you goes to all staff and students at Gilmour Infants school, animators Anne Wilkins, Ali Assaf & Sheryl Jenkins, historians Michael Axworthy, Dave Ward & John Hughes, musician Curtis Watt and artist Ross Dalziel.

Garston is famous for its old market, sporting heroes, industries, medieval history, the river that ran through it, war heroes, an old village, mills, war memorials and shops – the list goes on.

Our ‘Making Of’ video gives you a glimpse into what the students of Gilmour Infants School, along with animators and staff from FACT, have been working on this year. Our ambitious animation project followed on from work done in collaboration between the school and local historians and musicians. The animation project saw every pupil in the school have the opportunity to spend time working with professional animators to bring poems and stories about Garston’s history to life.

As you can see in the video, the children had a great time in the workshops where they did all the practical elements of stop motion animation and sound recording. All staff and students at the school were fantastic and we’re very happy with the results. You’ll be able to see them on the finished app from 5th November or why not check them out here

And remember to check out the trail for yourself on the app. Here is our suggested route!