Tagging Communities and Blind Veterans to Bradbury Fields

IMG_1491On the 12th of September The Bradbury Centre will host a central event called Technology for Life v2.0. It aims to bring people the latest in technologies for the partially sighted people with exhibitions from different companies. Bradbury Fields’ mission is to provide services to blind and visually impaired of the Merseyside Area and encourage their independence.

Some members of Blind Veterans UK have already worked with FACT’s Tagging Communities heritage project to master audio recordings for the Anfield and Everton section, and now we’re going to promote the app and the website during the Technology for Life v2.0 event.

Blind or partially sighted people are not always considered self-sufficient, but new technologies can really help to make them try something new and feel more confident and independent.

In promoting our Tagging Communities app on the 12th we’re focusing on accessibility and the way to use technology with suitable instruments for visually impaired. We want to encourage people to share their story and to make them feel they can do everything because they’re not alone.

Here’ s the link to the event and to Bradbury Fields’ website and Facebook page and if you want to pop round you’ll be very welcome!


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