Flowerful Fusion Concert: Friendship through flowers – and music!

On Wednesday 27th an event of music, friendship and integration took place: the Flowerful Fusion Concert.

I joined in this exciting multicultural experience with a few members of the Older People Digital History group.

The meeting point was the Pagoda Arts, where we took the bus to go to the concert in Carlton Street – it was a most mysterious tour, because the driver wasn’t so sure about the place, but we eventually arrived at the right place.

At the Invisible Wind Factory two orchestras were about to play: the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra and the Everton Junior Philharmonic, and there was a guest musician too, Mikey Kenney.

Children from both groups alternated and played both new and traditional songs, but the best part was the moment when both orchestras played together the newest piece composed by themselves. The audience was thrilled and was involved in the performance too – someone even danced when traditional songs were played.

After the concert we took part in the picnic in Everton Park, among the wildflowers. The atmosphere was quiet, people sat on the grass and chatted friendly, and the beautiful weather made everything even more special.

Staff and Kenny of the Digital History Group taught me a lot of things about the city and were very patient with my English – one never stops learning, I suppose.


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