Tagging Communities at The Lost Tribe of Everton

Being involved in The Lost Tribe of Everton was an exciting experience. On Saturday 23rd I came to St. George’s Church in the morning and stopped to talk with a lot of people about the Tagging Communities. Many of them looked very interested because they all came from the neighborhoods and encouraged me to tell more about the project, to show them  how to use the app and how to share their memories on the website.

People sat in the church, where the benches were named like the old streets of Everton, so that everyone that had once lived in that road could meet again. In front of the benches there was a big table, where enlarged photos were displayed. The amazing pictures showed how things were in the past, and people went around to watch them, talk and share memories together. Some of them met again after a very long time, the atmosphere was friendly and cheerful.

Ken Rogers then showed illustrations and other pictures to the public, which participated to the discussion and laughed together.

Taking part to The Lost Tribe meant a lot to me, because I had the chance to meet a lot of interesting people who told me loads of things that I didn’t know about the local history. At the end of the event some really kind participants even invited me to go to the pub with them to have something to drink!


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