Art in Crisis 2016

Describe your project

Art in Crisis is for two weeks, presenting work by Crisis members. The festival shows how art can help people to relate to others, places etc…

How did Tagging communities come to be involved?

Tagging communities came to Crisis to share their experience of a similar project they worked on. We experimented using IPads, explored the website and asked lots of questions.

What can members of the public expect from the event on the 22 July?

The alternative your is led by Crisis members. It includes stories, poems, music and memories of the city by Crisis members.

Are there any other events happening?

There is also Stories of the City on 22nd July at FACT from 1.30 – 5pm. The John Moores painting prize tour on the 26th July at the Walker Art Gallery from 1pm – 2pm.

The Francis Bacon Tour on 27th July at the Tate Liverpool from 11am – 12noon.


written by Rose Hannah Heathfield

To find out more about Art in Crisis please visit

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