When Tagging Communities met Crisis

Last month Veterans in Practice member and Digital History group member Alan and Andy met with Service users from the Merseyside strand of Charity, Crisis , to pass on their heritage words of wisdom and showcase a selection of their Tagging Communities video content. Crisis are a national charity working to support single homeless people across the UK.

The session was delivered last month, in preparation for Crisis’ own heritage event Art in Crisis, working with members of their local Skylight artist group to explore the potential creative and alternative platforms for sharing social history with the wider public.

One of the reason’s FACT’s Tagging Communities project was so excited to partner with Crisis on this programme, is because of the similar approach both projects focused on capturing local stories. Similarly to Tagging Communities, the Art in Crisis project offers an alternative and personal set of stories about Liverpool, and offers a unique way to experience and reflect upon our heritage, our city and our place within it today.

For Art in Crisis, their local art programme Crisis Skylight Merseyside presents compelling, original projects from Crisis Skylight clients which will be presented for a live event on Friday 22 July here at FACT.

Together their stories open a window onto the work of artists experiencing homelessness. Art in Crisis reveals how art can help us all relate to others and seek our place in the world.

The day will also be another opportunity to reflect & celebrate our own Tagging Communities heritage project, including a chance to try out the app itself and re-visit the videos, animation and soundscapes produced as part of the project.

To find out more about the final event day, plus its associated two week festival you can visit their site here


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