Final Celebration at the Rotunda Heritage Centre

Friday 18 March will be remembered fondly as the last community celebration event for the Tagging Communities project.

Bringing together the local residents from North Liverpool, our Digital History group, and some members of the Veterans in Practice group we were able to dance and sing the evening celebrations away to mark the launch of our Tagging Communities app. One of our Digital History group members transformed into key historical figure Jesse Hartley for the evening, alongside a host of performances and songs celebrated the history of the dockland area.

The Digital History group worked closely with the Rotunda Heritage Centre to explore the local heritage of North Liverpool, particularly Vauxhall and Kirkdale, and it was this research that led to the final video works produced on the app.

It was a great opportunity to come together with the Rotunda team to celebrate not only our new heritage app but more over the Rotunda’s own Kirkdale Heritage Trail map and booklet, which uncovers the history of Vauxhall and Kirkdale, and includes our very own Tagging Communities sites of interest.

Local historian Ron Noon launched the event and spoke to the audience more about Vauxhall’s Tate and Lyle factory, and the massive impact of the sugar industry on the area. So you see even with the project research over, there is always time to take in more rich heritage of Liverpool, and always more to learn about the local area!

IMG_2764 (1).JPGHere is a cheeky clip of the evenings event!


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