Hi my name is Stafford Huxley. I am Volunteer Training Co-ordinator and a Pilot Advisor with Bradbury Fields Tandem Group.

The Group is a part of the many activities, which are available to the visually impaired Service Users at the Bradbury Fields Centre in Liverpool. Initially my role was to assist in training people, involved in the Tagging Communities Project, based at FACT in the safe use of tandems.

There were to be the sighted front riders ‘Pilots’ and the visually impaired back riders ‘Stokers’. The people involved in the tandem part of the project to be a mix of sighted and visually impaired ex-servicemen.

The tandem training to be instrumental in use as one form of transport around Anfield and Everton. These being the areas of interest to be featured in an informative app produced by FACT within the Tagging Communities Project.

The app, to cover places of interest mainly historical, within the boundaries of the two areas of what is now part of the conurbation of Liverpool.

As a spin off of my original role I also became involved in production of parts of the app itself. These being a script and accompanying sound effects for the sound track.

The soundtrack was later recorded in professional sound recording studio. Each person who wrote a script being responsible for doing his own voice recording.

The part that I elected to do, was the view from the top of Everton Park and a related snippet from the history of the site. This was appertaining to the attack on Liverpool Castle by a Royalist Army during The English Civil War. Liverpool Castle was held by Parliament troops in 220px-Charles_II,_Elector_Palatinethe year of 1644. The opposing Royalist Army of ten thousand troops was led by The King’s Nephew Prince Rupert of the Rhine.

The outcome being that the Roundheads retreated in boats from the little port. This left the little town at the mercy of The Cavaliers who torched the greater part of it. I also did the voice recording for another member of the team who was on holiday at the time. His piece being an interesting short history of Anfield Cemetery.

Everton Park was the site of many steep streets of terraced houses. Many of these houses being the homes of the workforce who manned the Liverpool docks. These streets long ago demolished the area now an open parkland with wildflower meadows.

The views from this high ground are really fantastic on a clear day.  You can see across the Mersey Estuary and well out to sea. Also the nearby Welsh Hills are seen and even as far as The Island of Anglesey.

Digital StillCamera

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