As part of the final weeks of our Tagging Communities heritage sessions we finally got a chance to take the lads down to LFC for a museum and stadium tour. Having previously met with LFC historian and Curator Stephen Done, the lads were well prepared with adding their own knowledge and additional questions to the tour guides as we maLIVERPOOL. ENGLAND. c1912. Anfield stadium, flag pole corner- Walton Breck Road and Kemlyn Road, with theoriginal unroofed 'Spion Kop' stand in foregroundde our way round the stadium from the exclusive box rooms to the Kopp end. (The black and white image shows the Anfield stadium in 1912, at the flag pole corner which can still be seen today. The image depicts the original unroofed Spion Kop stand in the foreground).


We heard about neighbouring football club, Everton F.C formally playing at the Anfield stadium, well before LFC became to be, and the pivotal role manager Bill Shankly played for the team. We got a sneak glimpse into the current stadium developments as well as hearing from one of the tour guides about his own memories as a child being lifted over the gates to enter into the stadium, along with many other children who managed to avoid the entry charge!

It was also the perfect opportunity for the Veterans in Practice and the Blind Veterans UK members to do a little self promotion of the project itself with LFC as one of our main sites on the Anfield and Cycle trail of their section of the app!



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