Carters where a big feature of North Liverpool dock life right up until the 1970’s. Carters drove the cargos by horse to and from holding places, warehouses and ships. They where so important to the economy of the area that a plaque honouring their contribution can be found on the outside of the Throstles Nest Hotel on Scotland Road.

In the below blog post, Syliva worked with her grandson to explain a bit more about the life of a North Liverpool carter.

‘Even though we all have different types of transportation now in the 21st century, in the 20th century, Liverpool relied on horse power to deliver animal feed, oats, soap and many other products! Personally I remember my great grandfather William John Yates started work on the docks as a carter delivering all that he was demanded to. From a bottle of whisky to a bale of cotton ! Any other parcel that wasn’t nailed down would be wrapped up and given to the wife ! Classy ! How has the 20th century changed in the past 100 years ? Now we rely on things that were never thought of back then. It would be a simple horse and carriage attached to a little cart where there would be some products.’

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