At one time almost everyone used public transport to get from A to B. As part of our research into the past life of Vauxhall and Kirkdale we’ve been talking about the everyday lives of ordinary people and how they lived and worked which is something the older peoples group really understand having grown up in the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Alan wrote this blog about his time working for the LCPT – the corpy!

During the 1950/60s Liverpool Public Transport system consisted of both Tramcars,(officially designated as light railways) and Buses, Liverpool Council then decided to change to an all Bus Transport System. the last tram (a No 40 Pier Head/ Huyton) was withdrawn in 1957.

The removal of some hundreds of miles of steel tramlines caused considerable disruption to road traffic for quite some time.

The tramlines themselves could cause problems to traffic especially in the rain or snow, with cars skidding on the smooth steel rails,

On a personal note, while riding a push bike I managed to get my front wheel trapped in the “U” shaped part of the tramrail, being young I started panicking thinking I was going to be run over, looking over my shoulder I saw the Driver of a tram waving to me and giving the thumbs up sign, I was relieved to say the least.

After service in the Army, I applied to the Corporation Transport ( known to all employees as the corpie) for a job, in those days ex soldiers found it quite easy to obtain employment with the corporation, My Dad told me that it was thought that the Military Discipline made people into good employees.

Thanks to Liverpool Record Office for the use of the image.

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